Neuroscience is key 


Insights from the scientific study of the nervous system help us understand the biological basis of learning, memory, behaviour, perception and consciousness.  


As a neurolanguage coach® my insights from neuroscience impact your learning by: 

  • creating a brain-friendly environment
  • ​training the brain to learn more easily
  • identifying what blocks learning
  • recognising that all brains are different 
  • helping you find your best way to learn. 
  • focussing on your needs and interests 


       Energy goes where attention flows 


Empowers and enables 


Language is a system of spoken and written symbols or signs closely linked to identity, culture & emotion. It is used by people to communicate with others. 


Research and ELT experts inform and reinforce my understanding of the English language as:

  • a global player
  • "a kaleideskope of styles, genres and dialects" (David Chrystal). 
  • a lingua franca (See Roby Marlina & Zhichang Xu)
  • dynamic and adaptable 
  • a tool for communicating in your context


   English is a door opener and a life changer 


Maximises full potential. 


Coaching is a partnership with clieints in a thought-provoking & creative process.  It is Non-directive, non-judgemental, challenging motivating and inspiring. 


You determine the direction of travel. The process incorporates:

  • ICF accredited and standards 
  • goal & action setting
  • motivation and commitment
  • goal review and feedback
  • emotional and motivational troubleshooting 


      You are the driver. I am your GPS